The Proposition ~ Sample my Book Excerpt Enjoy!

The Proposition

A Geek, An Angel Series A novel

  1. A. Jackson

Chapter 21

Someone Got a New Love


The next day Janeshia was still angry at herself for letting Ramsey buy her forgiveness with a bunch of flowers. She stood at her sink and filled the tea kettle with water.

Before she could beat up on herself another minute her telephone rang. Startled, the water splashed all over the place as she almost dropped the kettle.

“Hello,” she said, reaching for a towel to dry up the spill.

The voice on the other end threw her for a loop.

“You are where?” she asked.

Suddenly her doorbell rang.

Janeshia walked to her front door and opened it.

“These are for you Janeshia how are you? Are you okay?”

“Mother!” Janeshia exclaimed with a look of surprise before giving her mother a quick hug. “What are you doing here? And why are you giving me flowers?”

Aurore Allen-James pushed back her prefect curled mass of glossy coco brown hair with auburn red streaks. She was a very pretty, petite, trim woman and flawlessly dressed. “So baby, do you like mama’s new hairdo?”

“Mother, I see you’ll still let Brooke work her magic? So you are into frosting now?” Janeshia asked. “Why are you bringing me flowers?”

“Oh baby, Brooke’s Beauty Nook is the only place I trust to do my hair. And it’s no longer called frosting. It’s called highlighting,” Aurore Allen-James said with pride. “The flowers are from your father. He figured maybe if he sent over a bribe you’ll come and visit him more often. Me, I prefer to do things the old fashion way. Just show up unannounced at my only daughter’s door bright and early on a Sunday morning and see if I can catch a man in her bed,” she chuckled. “From the way you’re looking right now though, I pretty sure if there was a man you would have scared him off in that faded out robe.”  

“Really mother,” Janeshia smiled.

“Oh, go and put some clothes on Janeshia and take me to the grocery store. Afterwards we can go back home and surprise your father and make him breakfast.”






Going to the grocery store with her mother had seemed like a good thing three hours ago. Now she was not so sure anymore. One thing she was sure of was that her father had already fixed his own breakfast by now. Another thing she was sure of. Buying groceries was not what her mother had in mind when she asked her to accompany her.

Janeshia walked over to a rack of clothes that her mother was flipping through. “Mom, I thought you wanted to fix Dad some breakfast?”

Her mother gazed up at her and gave her a strange look. “Your dad knows how to fix his own meals if he gets hungry. Besides, we’re spending quality time together,” Aurora smiled and grasped her daughter’s hand in hers. “Come on baby girl, act like you like shopping with your mother.”

“Oh my goodness!” announced a lifting demanding voice. “Mother and daughter together. Why Aurore, you and Janeshia simply look adorable. You two could grace the cover of Mother Daughter magazine,” the woman with the squeaky voice said. “My….my, I haven’t seen you two together in ages.”

Aurore leaned in close to Janeshia’s ear and whispered. “Hmmmm baby girl, don’t look now but here comes the family’s drama queen. It looks like you were right. We should have gone home and fixed your father something to eat. Now we’ll have to stay and consort with the family’s gossiper and an eavesdropper.”

“Shhhhh Mom, Cousin Julie might hear you.”

Janeshia knew the voice. It belonged to Julie James.

Julie James gripped her black leather hobo handbag tightly as she walked over. Her fingernails were painted a brilliant red. They matched the red silk blouse she wore. Her dark colored hair was blunt cut and longer on one side. It distinctively framed her face.

Julie strutted over and gave Aurore a hug first. “Oh Cousin Aurore, I see you’re still letting Brooke do your hair. That’s just so sad. Brooke doesn’t know a thing about doing hair.”

“A word of advice Julie dear, everyone loves a compliment but no one loves another person’s opinion,” Aurore said putting her arms around Julie in a hug. She leaned close to her ear. “You know what they say about opinions? Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one and everyone thinks the other guys stinks!”

“Yuck!” Julie muttered stepping away from Aurore.

Julie recovered quickly. She glanced over at Janeshia. She pulled her close in a hug and said, “Oh you poor child how on earth did you come out so well with a mother like Aurore?”

Janeshia pulled away and pretended to be interested in the rack of clothes in front of her.

“Julie James, you’d better look out there! I heard you. I’m standing right over here,” Aurore warned sarcastically. It was obvious Aurore wasn’t happy about Julie being there.

Aurore’s eyes arched. “Look Julie, I over look a lot of things you say and do because we’re family. Why don’t you put all that energy you’ve got for putting your nose in other people’s business back into your own marriage?”

Julie James chuckled lightly. “Oh Aurore, you are forever the family charmer. Now you know I just love toying with you.”

Aurore managed a smile. “Yes, I’m sure you were.”

Julie glanced around and raised a manicured nail and pointed. “Oh Aurore I was in here earlier. And I found something you’ll just love. I know how much you love Royal Silk, well there’s a whole rack of them out there by the fitting rooms in the back and they are on sale.”

Janeshia glanced up at her mother’s face. Her eyes were glowing. Her mother did love Royal Silk. “Mom, it is your favorite.”

“Yes, it is.” Aurore smiled softly. “You know Julie, you are good for something. I’ll just go and take a look.”

“You do that,” Julie said.

Janeshia nodded.

Aurore stopped abruptly. “Janeshia if you need me you know where to find me.”

Janeshia watched her mother stroll to the back of the store.

Janeshia stood there and gazed back at her Cousin Julie. “That was nice of you Cousin Julie.”

“You know Janeshia you should really try to get your mother to give me her baked salmon recipe,” Julie said making small talk.

Janeshia looked up. “What’s on your mind Cousin Julie? I can tell you’re really not interested in Mom’s salmon recipe.”

“You know I’ve been dying to talk to you alone. I hear that Walker Perrault has moved on, he’s dating someone else now dear,” Julie said with a mischievous smile.

“Oh really,” Janeshia shrugged. “I don’t know why you think I should care?”

“Oh, I just thought you’d want to know that he was dating a much younger woman and I hear she is very beautiful,” she shrugged. “I bet that makes you jealous?”

A chill ran through her. Janeshia arched a brow and laughed out nervously. “I never told anyone I was dating Walker Perrault. Why should I be jealous?”

“Oh yes that’s right, I’m so sorry I forgot, I did only overhear that you were dating him. I never saw it firsthand.”

Silence fell between them.

Janeshia returned to the search through the rack of clothes in front of her. She hoped her Cousin Julie would take the hint and walk away.

Luck for her Julie did walk a short distance away from her. She was glad. It gave her a moment with her thoughts. She didn’t want to admit it but she was upset by the news about Walker and another woman. She couldn’t shake the chill she felt earlier. She didn’t know why. She never gave him any encouragement. But still Cousin Julie’s revelation had made her feel humiliated.

Julie finally made it to the rack of clothes Janeshia was fingering through.

“Wow, you must have missed this one. Look at this top Janeshia. The color would look great on you. Not to mention you can wear it with that gold Cleopatra necklace your father and mother gave you for Christmas.”

Janeshia half took an interest in the top and reached for it. Julie was right. It would play up her necklace.

Oh my Lord!” Julie screamed and put her hand over her mouth. She stiffened and held her breath. She grasped Janeshia by the elbow to steady her. “Don’t look now but it’s the man himself. The man we were just talking about and it looks like he’s got a new love.”

“Walker?” Janeshia couldn’t believe his name fell from her lips. She looked up. Her gaze caught his. Her green eyes took in the young woman standing by his side.

Janeshia couldn’t believe it. The young woman was beautiful. Her amber eyes glittered brightly against flawless skin that didn’t require much makeup. Her Brunette hair hung long and lush against her shoulders. But though she wasn’t that tall it was her jaw dropping figure that you knew men were attracted to.

Walker and the young woman came over and halted in front of them.

The moment was awkward.

Janeshia gave him a steely smile.

“Phoebe, why don’t you go ahead and get started shopping,” Walker said. The manner in which he manipulated the young woman out of distance showed he was not going to make introductions.

“Walker Perrault, this is a surprise. You remember me I hope. I’m Julie James.”

“Yes, you’re Greystone James’ mother,” he said. “It’s so good to see you again.

His eyes watched Janeshia’s and nodded.

“So who’s the young lady?” Julie asked. “What’s her last name?”

“Oh Phoebe Wright, she’s just a friend I promised to take shopping. Phoebe loves to shop.”

Of course she does. What young woman doesn’t?” Julie said.

Janeshia opened her mouth to say something.

Just then Phoebe Wright marched purposely over towards them. Her arms were heavily laden with several items of clothes.

Phoebe gazed up in awe. “Walker look, I found some great things to try on. What do you think of this negligee? Hot pink is my color huh?”

Janeshia’s eyes locked on the young woman. She had a moment of jealousy.

Walker cleared his throat. “Look, we really must be going.”

Janeshia stood there thunderstruck.

Julie waited until Walker was out of earshot. “So Janeshia honey, did you pick up that Phoebe didn’t go very far in school? She’s what the old folks used to call a boom, boom girl,” she breathed out slowly. “You know the kind men like to take a ride on. I guess we know what ride Walker’s now riding on.”

Janeshia was silent. Her day couldn’t get any worse.