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Grand Hotel

Chapter 16

The Crush


Twenty minutes later, Ming dashed for the elevator and made her way to her suite. She opened the door and stepped across the threshold.

She heard soft music playing. “Sweet, sweet sticky thing. Sweet, sweet sticky thing….”

"Conrad, I'm here!" she hollered as she entered. Quickly she dashed down the hallway into the master bedroom. Seconds later Conrad emerged from the bathroom.

"Ming, I’ve been waiting for you darling" he smiled seductively dropping his towel.

He walked naked over to the bureau and picked up a drink.

Ming stood staring openly, transfixed at how sexy he looked. She thought she was the luckiest woman in the world. This sexy Adonis God was her husband, she said in her mind. She was aroused just staring at him.

“You look tense, Ming. I know how demanding the girls can be. I’m sorry I didn’t help you with them earlier,” he said. “Here, I made your favorite drink.”

“A Toasted Almond, just like I like it. Apology accepted,” Ming said, smiling and taking the drink. Conrad is always doing things to make me happy. He loves me so much, she thought.

“Thank you Conrad.”

“You know you are the most important person in my life. I’ve got to keep my woman happy,” he added. “Now drink up,” he said clinking glasses.

He downed his drink then watched as Ming’s throat rippled, as she swallowed.

She shivered and then smiled. “Whew! That went down smoothly.”

Instantly Ming thought she saw a flash of light. She listened attentively. The lyrics of the song that was playing intensified.

Sweet, sweet sticky thing….Sweet, sweet sticky thing. Filled the room.

“Damn Conrad, you look so good standing naked before me. Just like a dream,” Ming murmured, her head felt like she had entered a dreamlike haze.

Conrad reached out and pulled her into a close embrace. His lips twitched as he stared back at her. He leaned closer and kissed her and felt her mouth open in response to him.

Abruptly he pulled away pushed Ming out of his embrace. His fingers quickly embraced the zipper of her dress and slid it down.

Ming stepped out of her dress. She stood before him in her black bustier. She still wore her high heels.

Ming watched Conrad’s hawk slanted eyes gaze back at her like a predator owning its prey.

He kissed her eagerly this time. It unleashed a groan from Ming’s throat.

“Keep the heels on. You look so sexy in them,” he murmured and let his lips capture hers. Then his tongue snaked out and eased to her ear. “You are my woman. You do as I say.”

Ming groaned at the softness of his voice. It created a delirium of seductive sensual longing. It sent her senses reeling. She relaxed against him astonished at the frantic need to feel him closer.

The kiss went on and on. Then Conrad’s mouth wandered to her neck and her shoulders. He thrust his hand inside her bustier and squeezed her breast.

Ming moaned again unable to control her feelings of pleasure. “Oh…..I feel warm all over. Damn, I want you Conrad.”

“You’re feeling your passion. That’s good, I love to see a woman enjoying her passion,” he said pushing her down on the bed. “You’re so beautiful Ming.”

Ming felt like her mind was leaving her body. A moment of surprise registered. Her voice was a soft whisper, as her words tumbled out. “Conrad did you put something in my drink? Why? You know I’d do anything for you.”

He kissed her softly. “Yes, I know you’d do anything for me Ming, because you love me,” he murmured.

“Yes, I love you,” she moaned.

Ming, you said you had the courage to do anything. Anything I asked you to do. Don’t you remember?”

Ming’s eyes grew wide. She knew what Conrad meant. She’d seen that look before. Conrad was bored with her sexually. It didn’t matter how many times she went down on him. He’d always felt that maybe he’d missed out on something by marrying Ming so young.

She stared terrified back at him. “Don’t….Don’t you still…?”

“Don’t even say that Ming. You know I still love you. I just want us to spice things up a bit,” he smiled.

She felt the drug relax her more……. 


The Grand Hotel

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